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The company carries out transportation of petroleum Factor

Transportation of petroleum products

Naiboleeraspostranennym mode of transport fuel is trubovoprodny request about free transport and rail, as well as request about free transport by sea. Such transportation is relatively inexpensive and easy to oil traders. But the delivery of goods over short distances and in areas where there are no points of reception of messages, the most efficient and profitable by motor transport. Delivery is carried out by specialized tank trucks and tanks, and in short time directly to the recipient.

Special requirements for the carriage of petroleum products

Transportation of petroleum products is dangerous about this when choosing a carrier, note the following safety rules for transportation of special cargo. Transportation of fuel should be carried out by specialized transport with a solid and rugged. Fuel truck must have a grounding system, pump system with the ability to drain the liquid cargo and the appropriate signs indicating dangerous goods. 

Provide transport of petroleum products 

DP "Avtosvit" provides transportation services for lubricants tank trucks in Ukraine in 2009 s.

Specialized vehicles for transportation:



Special oil delivery truck:

30140 l.

32150 l.

30160 l.

30180 l.

36060 l.


The company "Avtosvit" - a reliable partner for the implementation of high-quality and fast delivery of optimal oil with a flexible system of payment and an individual approach to each client. A team of professionals to execute your order efficiently and responsibly on time. 

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