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Factor sold it's shares

21 November 20013 , the quotient group of companies has sold its stake Korostensky crushed stone plant. Thus, long-term shareholder conflict ended. Between HC "Factor" and shareholders Korostensky crushed stone plant reached full understanding. The company " Stone Capital " which is a holding company "Factor" , has received the exclusive right to export rubble in the Russian Federation.

The company " Stone Capital » www.stone-capital.com.ua has a strategic plan for the development of the export market in the rubble of the Russian Federation and in the near future plans to become a leader in this sector of business , as has already signed long-term contracts for the supply of stone in Russia . We also cooperate with other crushed stone quarries that offer different rubble strength for different types of consumption .

Anyone who is interested in the supply of crushed stone in the Russian Federation , we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation .