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Wholesale trade oil products, the development of CNG

Company "FACTOR" carries small wholesale trade in petroleum products through its own tank farm in Korosten obscheyu capacity of about 5,000 tons. Overall Strait in 2013 amounted to 67,490 tons.

Retail sales is an implementation of the fuel through a network of gas stations and CNG.

The Company is currently "FACTOR" operates 15 petrol stations owned company Fig. 2.1. At all filling stations fuel range has the following types of products:



ACP Company's quality and range

provided goods and services conform to the European

standard configuration petrol station. At filling stations are being implemented related products.

A network of 15 POS-terminals servicing plastic cards.

Overall average Strait in 2013 amounted to 117,476 liters (Figure 2.2).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fig. 2.1. Geography organize PFS


Fig. 2.2. Strait on average retail network, in 2012, 2013.


CNG: operation of 17 owned CNG fuel - methane gas, a network of 20 POS-terminals servicing plastic cards. Supply of natural gas to CNG stations carried the pipeline.

Geography organize presented Fig. 2.3.








                                                                                              Fig. 2.3. Geography organize CNG



Fig. 2.4. Dynamics of network development CNG, 2013.


By the number of CNG company occupies 2nd place in Ukraine, and it is a significant part of the gas market in the country.

Refueling of vehicles, a quality, environmentally friendly natural gas (methane). We are working as domestic equipment and the equipment made in England, Italy, Argentina.



















                                                                              Fig. 2.5. Structure marginal profit by, ths. 2012, 2013.