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Five success factors

How to organize the work of the five refueling stations in the manner that they selllike the 50 refueling stations.
According to the data of the consulting company "A-95", published in one of the last year issues of magazines «Forbes Ukraine", in 2013 the average daily strait of gasoline and diesel fuel at refueling stations in Kyiv amounted to 5.46 tons. Countrywide, this figure was naturally lower than- 2.95 tones. Experts of the market estimate that due to the economic crisis in 2014 sales of fuel at refueling stations have fallen by one third.
Against this general background stands out our network, "FACTOR". Last year, each of our refueling stations shed steadily 20-23t of fuel per day. It seems unbelievable, but it is true!
We are happy to share his recipe for success, which consists of a number of components. The first and most obvious component of successful sales - a good location of the refueling station.The refueling station, located on a busy highway of international importance, such as Kyiv-Chop, of course, sells more fuel than usual rural refueling station. Our refueling stations are located in the "walk-through" places; it is important, but not decisive component of our success. In fact there are a lot of refueling stations located at the busy highway, and the automobilists preferthe network "FACTOR".
The second major component of success - a pricing policy of the company. We are not looking for quick and maximum profit, realizing that companies,who try to "squeeze out" of their customers as much as possible, will rapidly lose as a result. We are focused on long-term relationships with our clients. Our prices are the most attracted to the lower boundary. If, for example, today, the diesel at refueling stations is sold from 17 to 20 UAH per liter, we set the price - 17.35 UAHat the highway and 17.90 UAHin the town’s refueling stations.
The third factor of our success is directly linked with the second. Proposing the fairly low prices, we have the certified fuel of the highest quality. It is well known that some of the refueling stations sell poor quality substitute offuel under the semblance of good fuel. Moreover the gasoline produced at the refineries in Ukraine remains poor. It is well known: the worse the fuel, the greater the fuel consumption. In addition, the fuel of the poor qualityresults often in damage to components and assemblies of the automobile engine. Therefore, it is expensive and dangerous to use the fuel of the poor quality. We care about the technical condition of vehicles of our clients by selling only the fuel of the highest quality. The Belarusian fuel that we sell is considered as the one of the best. At the same time the price at the refueling stations "FACTOR" are only a little bit higher than the price sold at other refueling stations of surrogate. Those who travelled by road more than one thousand kilometers using our fuel, and then tried to refuel at other refueling stations, surely feels the difference, and comes back to us.

The fourth component of the big sales - a service. Any client: from the big carrier, who refuels his heavy trucks at our refueling stations, to the ordinary automobilist - we strive to serve equally well and favorably in order that the client once being refueled at our refueling stations returns to us again and again.

There are a shop and a cafe on each of our refueling stations, where the driver and his passengers may eat and drink the delicious coffee. By the way, there are excellent professional coffee machines and we order only the coffee of the best blends at our refueling stations. Every refueling stations equipped by not only the toilet, but also a shower that is very important for truckers, who appreciate the opportunity to freshen up not only in the hot season of the year. Around the refueling stations there is large equipped parking for heavy trucks for providing the tired truckers with a possibility to fully relax in a comfortable environment, and not on the roadside. We have also Wi-Fi, allowing visitors do not spend extra money on the mobile Internet.

All our refueling stations are kept clean and tidy, that is impossible without additional investments in renovation and refurbishment. We don't spare any expense for these purposes. We cover with asphalt regularly the roads’ entrances. Recently we have put the new price steles.

Excellent service means an individual approach to each client. We sell a fuel for cash and by bank transfer. We have a traditional coupon system for the refueling stations, but we implemented also a new one - a card system when the client can put money on the cardor to put the agreed amount of the fuel. We give the possibility for our "cards" clients to choose their own way of buying fuel.

Some clients want just to put on the card a certain amount for being able to pay it at each bay. Others clients, putting money on the card, record the number of liters, that is the price of fuel. The first ones hope that the price of fuel will fall over time, while the second ones fear that the price will jump. We strive to satisfy the needs of both of them. We make the big discounts for the "cards" clients because they pay at once for a large amount of fuel.

Service, first of all, is the people who create it. Our company pays a great attention to recruitment. The director of the company interviews personally every applicant for a post of the head or the operator at the refueling stations. We do not drill our staff, don’t force themto smile artificially and recite memorized phrases, like some of our competitors, but we are closely watching to it that the service was polite, cultural and honest. Surveillance cameras at each refueling stations display images on a monitor to the director of the company then he is able at any time to check the work of his staff and to see the situation at the refueling stations.

Honesty - is the fifth key of our success. We control clearly the rate of the gulf of fuel, our stations are regularly calibrated and the clients pay only for the fuel, which has actually been filled into the tank of his car. We are honest not only with our clients but also with our state: "FACTOR" pays all the required taxes and fees. We have the whole system, from the filling gun to cashier, interconnected and technically designed in order to escape the risk of deceiving, even in theory.

Today, "FACTOR" serves only 5 own refueling stations, which, however, give the proceedslike 50 refueling stations. But "Factor" has a long and successful experience of managing of a large network. In due time, we rented 17 refueling stations in the Kirovograd region. We have repaired them and extended the standards of service to them. As a result, when the rental period has expired, the network was unrecognizable, and the strait has significantly grown. The landlord was very grateful to us, because it was not only the money for rent, but much more - a new quality of business.