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In the exhibition hall of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kiev exhibition of author's works of arts and crafts

Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov opened the exhibition "Crafts of Russia"

June 11, 2010 in the exhibition hall of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kiev exhibition copyrighted works of decorative art "Crafts of Russia" Preserving tradition ", devoted to the Day of Russia. The ceremony was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on trade and economic relations with Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov.

In his speech, the ambassador said that the first name of the exhibition "Crafts of Russia. Preserving the tradition ": that in folklore pronounced national character, the spirit of the people, his idea of beauty, value priorities, passed on from generation to generation.

At the end of the opening ceremony of the meeting M. Zurabov reporters.

Significantly, the meeting was held on the eve of the Day of Russia. In his speech, the Ambassador said that the move, which was made by the Russian people for almost two decades ago, has opened the way for large-scale reforms in the country and in the Russian society. And although this time in Russia, as well, and other countries, faced with serious challenges and threats, the ambassador said that "Russia has stood and took a worthy place in the world."

 Today, according to M. Zurabov, Russia is at an important stage of development. 

"We believe that now there are all possibilities in order to make a serious, massive step forward in the modernization, on the way to the Russian translation of a qualitatively different way of development. The role of the country providing the resources, Russia is not satisfied. Russia wants to take its rightful place among the countries with a high level of technology development ", - told reporters the Russian ambassador. 

But the country's economy - not an end in itself, but a means for the implementation of priority tasks of the Russian leadership. 

"Without improving the lives of Russians, without development of the humanitarian sphere, without the revival of traditions, spirituality, without the revival of national culture and historical memory, we are unlikely to succeed in our work", - said Mikhail Zurabov. 

The ambassador said that the consolidation of Russian society will be on the principles of freedom and democratic values. "This is Russia's principled choice was made, and not subject to revision," - he said. 

Relations with Ukraine are a priority for the Russian Federation. 

"Ukraine for us - a strategic partner, and the change in the relations that took place between the two countries some time ago, we are encouraged, - said at a news conference Mikhail Zurabov. The ambassador also expressed confidence that the relations, cooperation, humanitarian relations between Russia and Ukraine will be strengthened. 

In the context of this relationship ambassador said: "Let me repeat that Russia's leaders have repeatedly said that Russia is interested in an independent, stable, strong, predictable, Ukraine." 

Zurabov answered numerous questions. They talked about cooperation in the field of aviation, future prospects, cooperation in shipbuilding, gas industries, the humanitarian sphere. 

Asked about the situation of freedom of speech in Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov said that he "had the impression that the freedom of speech in Ukraine, all is well." According to the ambassador, are available in the Ukrainian media space conflicts are not caused by political problems but rather a clash of economic interests. 

Meeting with reporters at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kiev continued in the format "no tie" and lasted for more than two and a half hours. 

In celebration of the National Day evening in Russia October Palace of Ukraine hosted a reception. 

Opening ceremony in honor of the Day of Russia, Mikhail Zurabov said: "We are fraternal nations. I think that it is hardly possible to find people in the world are closer, united and sister, and by blood, and shared history. " 

"I am absolutely convinced that the hard times and hard times for Ukraine and on the back of our journey together - hand in hand to the prosperity of our people," - said a senior diplomat. 

Zurabov reiterated that Russia considers Ukraine as a strategic partner. 

"Last year was extended to the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership, and this year with the election of a new president of Ukraine our relationship got a new impetus to the development of ... I'm sure that we will bring the relations of our countries to a qualitatively new level" - Zurabov said, adding that Russia is ready for this, and it is certain that the leadership of Ukraine will act as active as it was in working the past few months. 

As part of the reception was a big concert, which was attended by leading ensembles and artists from Russia and Ukraine: National Academic Folk Orchestra of Russia named NP Osipova, the National Dance Company of Ukraine deserved after P. Virsky, dance group "Kazan" (Republic of Tatarstan), the brass band of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ancient wind instrument ensemble under O. Kon'kova, soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, winner of the All-Russian and international competitions D. Zykov and others. 

"Old friends - new opportunities" - this was the motto of the event dedicated to the Day of Russia. Concert led People's Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy and Ruslana Pysanka. 

The event was organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, with the assistance of Rossotrudnichestvo "Sberbank of Russia" in Ukraine.