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The element of surprise.

Ukrainian retail market continues to change rapidly. Oil giants acquire entire businesses, large chains buy single known wholesale players strengthen positions in the retail sector through new acquisitions. Recently in the capital market transaction in the regular segment of M & A: the group of companies "Factor" has to manage a network of gas stations MC Oil, which is the case in the last two years were not too successful. The absorption of the once powerful player in the market studied Alexander Sirenko.

The problems in MS Oil OilMarket signals received over the past two years. Fortunately propiarinnaya card system, given the size of the proposed discount (up to 6 10%), which provides customers with MC Oil Card, sooner or later had to fail. Also contributed to the collapse of the uncoordinated actions of shareholders and management in 2008. The final point in a corporate dispute has put the financial crisis, which covered the head of oil in the second half of 2008.

House of cards

Whatever it was, from 2008 MC Oil Card leaders actively looked for oil, which card company owes. There were many: a few years of successful PR and marketing system MC Oil Card operated on more than 1000 stations. Among its clients are large corporations such as MTS and Coca-Cola, for which the market were real battles among oil korporativschikov.

Meanwhile, accumulated debts and corporate reshuffling continues to destroy the company (for more details about the problems of MC Oil Card in 2008-2009 NefteRynku promised to tell one of the company - Sergei young). Already in 2009, the market began to talk about bankruptcy MC Oil Card. Then there were rumors of a possible sale of assets.

Found each other

By the end of 2009 on the capital market rumors that the owners of gas stations MC Oil found a partner who is ready to purchase gas station company. In March of this year, at least in the capital's petrol stations MC Oil, The Control Company "Oil Factor," which is part of the group of companies "Factor" - once the largest importer of oil, which is developing a network of filling stations and CNG stations in Ukraine. While both sides claim that it is only the rental stations, with already 4 months run the network and deliver oil products to gas stations MC Oil managers' factor. "

As of June 2010, the company "Factor" owns and operates 34 stations (of which there are gas stations) in ten regions of Ukraine and 13 CNG stations in nine regions. In 2010 it is planned to complete the construction and commissioning of five CNG stations (two in Krivoy Rog, one in Perevalsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkassy), parallel to the work on the preparation for the construction of multi-fuel complex in Ternopil and 4 CNG stations.

In addition, the group of companies "Factor" controlling interest Korostensky machine factory "Chemmash" on the industrial base which is planned mass production technology systems for CNG compressor platform Italian Fornovogaz.
The strategic plan of the company is even developing gas fields and natural gas production in the Poltava region, thereby reducing the cost of motor fuel and significantly increase the profitability of the network CNG stations.

However, in the short term "Factor" decided to focus on the development of its retail network. According NefteRynku and. about. director of "Astika" (part of the group of companies "Factor") Arkady Kirman, this year, was created managing company "Oil Factor" (Factor Oil), which operates 18 retail sites in the ten regions of Ukraine under lease. "Shares in the company - a trade secret," - said Mr. Kirman. Meanwhile, according to the capital's retailers, the MC Oil had several objects for which "do not mind to pay a million dollars." "At least three stations - Podol, on the highway at Buchu and District - have a high realization of fuel" - shared his observations of the Kiev retail. In this case, the source said that the market value of the MS network Oil is over $ 10 million

"Given the bad reputation the network, the management company must make a lot of effort and money in order to regain the trust of customers," - he added.

According Kirman, after several months of operation of new plants for the company will be a detailed study of oil products. "If we arrange the straits, it is likely, in the fall will be discussed rebranding facilities under a single brand," - he said. In addition, the head added that the company continues to look for retailers with financial difficulties, which would have made the format unification.

Source: OilMarket