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Opening of new CNG stations.

In Krivoy Rog, st. 23 February, 3 "f" (Dnipropetrovsk region). Official opening of the new CNG filling stations under the brand name "Factor."

For many years, fueling network of "FACTOR" encouraging motorists not only good quality fuel, but also a variety of services such as car wash and mini shops with products and auto-range. Domestic CNG "FACTOR" associated only with high-quality fuel and maintenance.

The new charge was designed on the basis of modern European standards and is made with all the safety requirements. CNG stations to use high-quality equipment, through which production capacity can fill with methane gas-5 cars at the same time. Also installed new equipment to receive clients and acts clearing system for smart cards. Clients receive standard services managers refueling, washing windows, and there are public spaces.

In addition to convenience, which certainly added a new CNG (as located on one of the busiest roads of the city), opening day, organizers have prepared for all motorists very pleasant surprise. All clients were given discount cards, prizes and gifts company.

Wanting to refuel at the new gas station was a huge amount. A line of cars stretched for several hundred meters. However, the coordinated and highly skilled personnel able to work quickly to handle the flow of visitors.

CNG station network "Factor" - is not only high quality fuel, high level of service, but also care about the comfort and safety of consumers throughout its operations.

Always glad to see you on CNG Network Group "FACTOR"!