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The company "factor" is expanding its activities

The company "Factor" is expanding its operations and opens "Research Institute" for implementation of industrial technology. "

In order to implement a comprehensive project to create a complete self-contained complex Group of Companies "factor", of which now include financial, retail, manufacturing and operational structure, will create a design and technological structure of the "Research Institute" introduction of industrial technology. "

The organizational structure of the company will be reduced to a coded system of control:

Director of the Institute hires to perform work of project managers, who in turn pick up artists work, as well as connect to the work subcontracted companies and organizations. Organizational and financial control over the conduct of work shall director. Working groups are recruited depending on qualification and regardless of their place of residence.

A team of specialists working on projects on the subject of the Institute will be geographically located in: Sumy, Korosten, Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Ternopil, ...

The place of registration of the institute: Kiev.

Director of the Institute Efimenko Adrian Ivanovich.

(067) 406-31-72

Basic production structure "Korosten chemical engineering plant."
Organizations with which agreements were reached on joint activities:
Gas Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the State Road Transport Institute, Sumy State University, a number of design companies and organizations.
"Research Institute" IMPLEMENTATION OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES "issues over the general construction license and permission to carry out work of high risk" Derzhg_rpromnaglyad "to perform work for the production of prototypes of products.

In the case of the successful implementation of the project and to obtain sufficient financing works, staff of the Institute will be expanded.

The above technology of the work was perfected by the enterprise "factor" under renovation store petroleum products "Korosten chemical engineering plant," AGZP Ovruch, CNG, Ternopil, Kiev, Cherkassy, Ivano-Frankivsk. All the projects were examined and positive findings. The object CNG Ternopil was framed intellectual property utility model and industrial design.

                                                                              Sphere of activity.

 1. NGV technology.
Translation of rail and road transport on large-scale gas-diesel cycle; 

Development and Production of modular CNG, based on compressor manufactured by "Korosten chemical engineering plant"; 

 Development and Production booster compressor to save resources for CNG;

2. Intellectual property.
Copyright clearance for industrial designs and utility models developed techniques and technologies;
Making specifications for developing products;

3. Energy-saving technologies.
Development and organization of production lines manufacturing pallets; 

Development and Production of heat pumps; 

4. NANO technology.

Development and organization of instrumentation involved in the creation process (masspektrografy, GC :);

5. Oil and Gas Technologies.
Design and reconstruction of oil storage facilities and fuel storage; 

Design of fuel-systems;

Designing equipment for "Korosten chemical engineering plant";

6. Design and development of technological systems for material processing.
Manufacturing stone processing;

Development and Production of equipment for waterjet cutting of materials;

Development and organization of production equipment for the production of bimetallic tubes for fins (heat transfer equipment); 

7. Vacuum and cryogenic equipment.
Development and organization of production facilities for liquefied natural gas and degassing of CNG;  

Development and Production of cryogenic storage (blood, stem cells, organs, ::.) 

8. Products for general industrial use and consumer goods.

Development and Production cryo saunas;

Development and organization of mechanical vertical parking lots;

Development and organization of production equipment for hydroponics;

9. Information technology.
Create payment programs in engineering;
Creating a database of technical products companies; 

10. Linguistic translation.

 Translation of technical design documentation;

Negotiation support in the field of industrial contacts; 

11. General building design.

Design and upgrade with the installation of additional CNG filling station complexes and gas stations; 

 Designing industrial facilities; 

Participation in the supervision, installation and commissioning work at the designed objects; 

12. Scientific activity.

Working with the scientific, technical and design institutes and design organizations;
Processing of information and participation in scientific and industrial activities;
Working with foreign partners in the development of new activities.

The list of activities specified in the charter of the Institute the enterprise, and increases as the contracts.