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A new program group of "FACTOR"

A new program group of "FACTOR" to transfer large-scale road and rail transport to natural gas.

The most benefits from the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel instead of oil can be obtained in large vehicles continuously operated for a long time (rail, long-distance trains, dump trucks, large tractors).

In Russia, there is a program "Guidelines for Development of Railway Transport Strategy of Russia until 2030", which addresses the question of the transfer of rail transport of natural gas as a fuel because it has a number of advantages:

The price of natural gas is much lower than the cost of equivalent calorific value by the number of petroleum motor fuel;

          By vehicle conversion to natural gas is only required equipment motor gas fuel equipment without significant structural alteration of the engine;
          Practically maintained engine power;
          Increases the service life of the engine by 1.5 times;
          Reduced vehicle fuel consumption by 20-30%;
          Reduced operating costs of transport;
          Reduced by 2-3 times the toxic emissions to air;
          Reduced by 3-5 dB (A) noise of the engine.

 Operating costs for the conversion of dump trucks, for example, on the gas-diesel BelAZ mode using CNG consists of the value of LPG equipment, fuel system with electronic adjusting device and the cost of their installation. The total cost for the conversion of one BELAZ a production model will be approximately 120.0 thousand UAH.

Recoupment of these costs can be estimated by the following example.

1. Fuel consumption in a 2-shift operation truck BelAZ-7548 in diesel mode for the year or within 300 days (320 l / shift) will be: 320 x 2 x 300 = 192 000 liters of diesel fuel cost 192,000 x 6.50 = 1 248,000 USD.

2. When transferring to the gas-diesel truck mode diesel consumption is reduced by 70%, while the cost of diesel fuel will be: (1-0,7) x 1,248,000 = 374,400 USD.

3. Consumption of LNG gas-diesel mode: 192,000 x 0.7 = 134,400 liters.

4. Costs for the purchase of LNG from the calculation of its cost 2.65 UAH/m3 be: 2.65 x 134,400 = 356,160 USD.

5. Of the cost of acquisition of LNG and diesel fuel for gas-diesel mode 374 400 + 356 160 = 730 560 USD.

6. Economic benefits by reducing the costs of acquiring motor fuel: 1 248 000 - 730 560 = 517 440 UAH.

7. Payback period for the conversion of a dump truck from diesel to gas-diesel mode will be: 120 000 517 440 = 0.24 years, or about 3 months.

With an increasing share of the engine is 1.5 times the economic effect will be greater and the payback period for retrofitting costs dump truck from diesel to gas-diesel mode mode - less.

Interests of the company "factor" in the project will be to increase the volume of gas as a motor fuel. Refilling of rail and road transport of large-scale will be mobile fuellers (PAGZ). This condition will require the organization of production, which can be done at the factory Korosten "Chemical Engineering."

The program is also interesting from the point of view of the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. According to the direction of the European countries concerned and the project allows for more close cooperation in this field with them.

Registered technical specifications (TS) conversion transport company of the group of "FACTOR" will provide an opportunity to provide services for the conversion of transport as Ukrainian consumers and in the countries concerned in the development of this area.