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Commissioned a new project

Commissioned a new project to develop oil stores:

Organization of production of oil storage facilities and oil depots.

If the creation of a stabilization fund products - is an attempt to solve the problem here and now, the strategic fuel reserve - investment in a stable market in the future.

The company "FACTOR CAPITAL" with Korosten plant "Chemical Engineering" implement a comprehensive project to develop oil storage capacity of 6200 m3 of fuel in the plant Korosten "Chemical Engineering."

Work on complex projects in three stages:

Specifications under construction stock of petroleum products Korosten plant "Chemical Engineering." 

The estimated turnover of the warehouse will be


automobile gasoline (A-80, A92, A-95)

7200 tonnes per year

                     diesel fuel (DF)

35000 tonnes per year

The volume of the tank farm

6200 3

2 vertical tank

1000 3

1 vertical tank

3000 3

16 horizontal tanks

75 3

Number of Vogon-tsistenr the drain ramp


Performance pump units


1 pump

60 m3/hr

4 pumps

240 m3/hr

Total power consumption

Up to 100 kW

System protection operation


fuel storage is

category IIIb

Total number of employees

11 people

Fuel storage area is

1.1 ha


At present an implementation of projects creating liquid fuel stations and oil depots in Novograd Volyn, Lake, etc.

The group of companies "Factor" is ready to continue to participate not only in the creation of its own fleet of oil stores, but also to provide similar services, both in Ukraine and in other countries have expressed a desire to work in this direction.